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Photo of Betsy Judkins
  • Former Kirkus Reviews copy editor 11+ years
  • Kirkus Reviews book reviewer 21+ years
  • AP style
  • Chicago Manual of Style
  • Former classroom teacher, EdM

My name is Betsy Judkins, and I edit and write from my home in the Maine woods or wherever I happen to be adventuring with my family. I am a children's book reviewer for Kirkus Reviews and was their copy editor for 11+ years, so I have years of experience both evaluating writing and giving feedback. 

I'm an avid reader—my Kindle is rarely out of my reach. I love clever wordplay, dialogue that rings true, nerdy characters (like me!), and stories about ordinary people (also me). As for genres, my favorite is romance—I just love an HEA, and I'll read/edit any level of steam (just no cheating, please). I also enjoy humorous realistic fiction, historical fiction, time travel, fairy-tale remakes, and action/adventure. (Horror is not my cup of tea, and I am not to the point yet where I can read about pandemics—still too soon.)

It's the characters that grab me, their story that mesmerizes me, and I love it when a setting becomes a character too. The best is when a book makes me laugh (or cry, for that matter) hysterically. The worst is when typos, missing words, and inconsistencies yank me out of the web the writer's weaving. It's my goal to help authors polish their writing so that readers can stay immersed in their stories.

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