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Track Changes

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Hi everyone! Blunderwoman here, and today’s blog post is all about Microsoft Word’s Track Changes.

Track Changes is an amazing tool for collaborating on a document. For writers and editors, it gives authors veto power for each and every change and allows them to ensure that both their original meaning and voice have been preserved during the editing process. For editors who include grammar rules, spelling tricks and tips, writing advice, and praise in their comments, Track Changes can also be a great opportunity for authors to learn and grow as writers. But if you can’t figure out how to use it, it won’t be very helpful. That’s why I created a PDF that describes in detail how to deal with all the changes and notes that are now part of your manuscript. That document is called “Track Changes Technical Tips,” and you can find it on my website’s Free Resources page next to the heading Track Changes.

You’ll find two other documents in the same spot. “Practice Using Track Changes” gives first-time users a chance to play around with an edited document without the worry of making unintended or unwanted changes to their book manuscript. “Practice Editing with Track Changes” is more for editors and provides an opportunity to play around with text, making changes and adding notes without worrying about a client’s work. For both of these documents I’ve used familiar fairy tales from the public domain as the base text.

Download these resources now so you’re ready when your editor returns your manuscript or you get your first editing client. If you want to let me know how it went, leave a comment below. Next post I’ll be looking at one of my favorite new tools: Canva.

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2 comentários

14 de out. de 2023

Thanks for the resource. I'll definitely check it out. Tell me about your editing service. Who knows I might need it in the near future

Respondendo a

I hope you find it helpful! I do copy editing and proofreading primarily in the romance genre, though there are other genres that I will edit. I'm happy to do a sample edit to see if we are a good fit and to provide you with a per word quote on editing services. You can find more info on my FAQs page on my website. Thanks for checking out my blog!

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